Solar Energy Systems

Solar Enerji Sistemleri Date: 22 Mayıs 2013 Çarşamba

Solar energy W / m 2 in units of Watts per 1 m2 area that is shown as energy. On the earth from the sun in watts per 1 m2 surface flow of this energy "Solar Radiation" is called. Generation of electricity from solar energy, photovoltaic panels is carried out by. Solar radiation from the sun with photovoltaic panels on the photon energy direct current (DC) electrical energy to convert. 


The thus obtained current DC electrical power converters (inverters) by means of alternating current (AC) linked, on-grid (grid connected) or off-grid (mains-independent) to be used. 


On-grid (grid-connected) systems; and that more than electricity produced to the grid when there is electricity generation are also systems that use electricity from the grid. For this, the network connections are used in the bi-directional counter. However, If there are legal regulations required of these systems can be used. In our country, since the year 6094 by Law No. 2012 was allowed to use the On-Grid systems.


Off-grid (off-grid) systems; legally the use of grid-connected system is not possible or very difficult and costly to reach the network when it is used. Moreover, this system for the storage of electricity in the battery and a charge control unit is need additional devices such as costs are high, and therefore are not preferred except when required. 


Direct solar radiation from solar energy electricity generation is related to the duration and strength. Turkey due to its geographical position in terms of solar energy in the world are lucky. General Directorate of Renewable Energy (YEGM) according to the country's average annual sunshine duration of 2740 hours (7.5 hours / day).

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